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Lollyo Personal Cloud  v.

Personal cloud with taste. Your cloud, in your home. The data you store on Lollyo is yours and yours only. We're not storing any data on our servers and, by design, we're not even able to see it. All the data is stored on your computer only.

HomeWeb Personal Cloud  v.2.0.2

The Personal Cloud product allows you to remotely browse and access your home computer files from your smart phone. Instead of cloud storage, which allows access to the files you last uploaded, this is a real-time view into your computer's contents.


Bdrive Server  v.1. 1. 2002

Bdrive - Your Own Personal Cloud Your files are just a click away with Bdrive. Never sync again. No space restrictions. It's all yours. Mobile Access Access your files from your iPhone, iPad and Android.

WD 2go  v.

The WD 2go app lets you access, share, and download the photos, movies, music, and files stored on your WD My Book® Live™, My Book Live Duo, or My Net N900 Central. With secure access to your personal cloud content from your mobile device,

Norton Satellite for Windows  v.8

Scan your personal cloud for viruses and malicious links.

Gladinet Cloud Desktop for Windows Azure  v.2.3.392

Gladinet Cloud Access Solutions make it easy to manage files in Microsoft Azure Blob Storage. Gladinet Cloud Desktop for Windows Azure mounts Windows Azure Blob Storage as network drive. Once the storage is mounted as local folders,

ViveDrive  v.5.9

ViveDrive is the #1 tool for accessing and sharing all the files stored on your devices. It works just like the Cloud, but it is totally private and secure and you do not have to move your private files off your devices.

Funambol  v.10.0.3

Funambol provides professional services, training and technical support to assist customers with all facets of their Funambol deployment.

Polkast  v.

Everyone is talking about cloud services. Instead of sending your content up to the cloud, Polkast brings the cloud to you. Polkast dynamically creates your own 'direct cloud,' letting your mobile devices access your PCs directly and securely.

EverPICs Bridge  v.1.0

everPICs Bridge is the private cloud* photo sharing application which streams all your pictures (iPhone, camera, iPhoto.

WD Diagnostics  v.1.09.0002

WD Diagnostics is a diagnostics tool for Western Digital Hard Disks having SMART capability. Even if it is made by Western Digital and distributed as a free tool for checking their hardware, it can be used on any hard disk having SMART capability.

Synology Data Replicator  v.3.0

Data backup is so important but people tend to ignore it. Synology Data Replicator is free-license PC backup software. Once Data Replicator is installed and setup on the computer, computer users will never forget to backup again.

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